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Ettline Quality Foods, Center of the Plate and Produce


Ettline Foods consistently provides customers with access to a full line of high quality, national brand products—that's how we do business.
Ettline Foods is a member of the UniPro buying group. Our affiliation allows us to offer a complete product mix including; poultry which is received fresh daily, beef, pork, specialty meats, fresh produce, seafood, dairy products, groceries, canned foods, frozen items, Supplies & Equipment, paper goods, and chemicals.

Allow us to serve as your source for a wide variety of products for the restaurant and food service industry with an up-to-date, comprehensive food safety training and certification program.

We ensure what's delivered to your operation is at peak freshness in taste, texture and appearance from the crispness of the produce, the succulence of fresh meat and the effervescence of beverages.

Ettline Foods is integrating our efforts to meet recognized and identifiable consumer needs, which provides quality support to our customers.


Ettline is your Center of the Plate provider. With our Just In Time program, we can provide you with any cut of beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken and seafood within 24 hours.  Our flexibility in servicing our customers continues to make Ettline your best Center of the Plate supplier.


Ettline produce is brought from virtually all over the world according to season, just as we have farmers growing for us locally in season. Our refrigeration storage units are designed to hold each type of product at the optimum temperature from the farm to the customer. We have several dedicated produce inspectors to verify quality as it comes into Ettline and ships out to our customers. If you want guaranteed quality produce, give Ettline a call.

Equipment, Supply and Disposables

Ettline Foods provides a wide-range of beverage equipment programs for coffee, juice, iced tea and carbonated beverages.

Our Paper & Disposables Program provides full product lines from major manufacturers.

• Specialty Items
• Catering Products
• Customized Dispenser Program
• Convenient Pack Sizes
• Competitive Pricing
• Non-foods shipped by normal delivery


Beverage & Chemical


Ettline Foods offers a wide assortment of vendor products to quench the thirst of your customers with custom designed beverage programs. Nationally recognized brands of soft drinks, coffees, teas, hot chocolates, juices and more are offered with 24-hour emergency service availability. We are your "One Stop Shop" with competitive pricing.