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Ettline Foods has been an industry leader among Broadline Food Distributors by offering more flexibility and business solutions to support our customers. Product variety and operating capacity ranks us within the top 1% of broadline companies in our industry. Creative prime vendor customer programs and unique products keep us in the forefront. The vast purchasing power of our UniPro buying group helps us to surpass the buying power of the largest distributors.

Our company addresses your needs through a variety of services:

• Rebate/Coupon Processing Program
• Menu Management & Design Assistance
• Business Reviews for Customers
• Chemical Dispenser Service
• Beverage Dispenser Service
• Test Kitchen
• Serv Safe Training
• Healthcare Specialist
• Corporate Chef
• Center of the Plate Specialist
• Produce Specialist
• Italian Segment Specialist


Our solutions are second to none in the industry. As we renew and strengthen our relationship with our customers we continue to raise the bar by offering more solutions and assistance in growing their business.

We feel it is our responsibility to protect, nurture and build upon the natural resources provided to us on this earth. One means to that end was our development of the Planet Fry Program which uses fryer oil recycled into the biofuel industry.